Thursday, October 30, 2008

So God can clean....

A quick Julie song. The other night we were watching the greatest hits of Veggie Tales songs and Julie is a pro at singing along. One of our favorites is "Stand Up." it goes: "Stand up, stand up, for what you believe in, believe in, believe in God He's the one to back you up, He'll stand with you!!!" So here is Julie's version: "Stand up, Stand up for what you believe in, believe in, believe in God, He's the one to Vacuum up! He'll stand with you!!!" Travis and I were CRACKING UP! We asked her to repeat the song again and again because it was so hilarious!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Julie at her first birthday!

So I was tagged by Morgan, to pick the 6th file and the 6th picture in our computer picture files! So here it is! Julie was running a 101 fever that day and was very clingy, and as you can see Barney's bottom is in the picture, because this was her favorite security item. That purple dinosaur went EVERYWHERE with us :0) She has grown up so much!

I tag: Sonya, Bridget, and Karla!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sweet Logan

That's right people, Barbie sunglasses are unisex at the Carr house!

Daddy decided to join in on the fun :0)

Logan lookin' super mischeivious!

Sweet snugglies!

Logan has been warming our hearts lately with his pats, hugs, kisses and grins! His new thing is to say "No" to everything (sounds like he says new instead of no...) even if he means yes. He is also starting to finish some of our phrases, songs, and lines in favorite books! Usually only Julie and I can understand him though. He is still very behind in speech, so I am reading to him more than ever and asking him to repeat me- which he only does about 30% of the time. I also point to things and say, "what is that, Logan?" He usually answers but it is very garbled, so I repeat him clearly and say "That's right, Logan, that is a tractor(or whatever I was pointing to)." But we are trying! He is so precious and I love to see him watch Julie with so much intensity. He just wants to keep up with her. He is loooooving school and loves his teachers. He will be turning 2 very soon, so be looking for more fun birthday pics!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Uh oh.... what have I started?!

Here is a picture of our coffee mugs, side by side, per Julie's request!

So one morning I was drinking one of my many cups of coffee and julie says, mommy, I need some! So I pulled out one of the tiny coffee cups that came with all my dishes/place settings. I only put a little bit in and added lots of milk with a tiny bit of sugar, and BAM! she was hooked. Just about every morning she gets her coffee. Well, she takes after her daddy in most everything else, so she can be a little coffee drinker like her mommy, right?! She is very good at keeping it on the table and not spilling it! I will leave you with her latest funny:

So after homegroup last night, Julie and I were "recapping" the evening and she was telling me about playing with her friends. She told me she was playing with Jamie and Erin and she "shot em'." I gasped and said, "what? umm.. what did you shoot them with?" (I was prepared for her to say a gun of course...) when she says, "you know, they were pretendin to be sick and I gave em' a shot, ya know, I shot em'!!!" Travis busts out laughing from the other room, and I was totally relieved! haa haa!
Whew! that was a close one :0)

I promise, more posts about my sweet Logan are comming!

The one stop shopping center...

Hooooray! I wanted to share with my fellow bloggers, Wal-Mart has started listing on their products if they are gluten-free or not! The FDA has passed a rule that all foods have to list if they have gluten in them along with the other common food allergies such as wheat, soy, milk or peanuts and ect. by the year 2009. Wal-Mart has gotten a jump start on this! I am now starting to find more and more gluten-free products there, and I have been so thankful because Wal-Mart is definitely cheaper than Whole Foods! They are definitely on my weekly grocery run :0)

Lebonheur Pumpkin Run

I ran in the pumpkin run this past saturday! It was perfect weather, and I had a blast! This was the first race that Travis and the kids came out and supported me in, and they had fun eating all of the free food and playing in the moon bounce! It was so fun running across the finish line with my very own cheerleaders yelling for me and waving! I would have some pictures, but after we discussed it, I didn't want Trav to have to keep up with it while juggling our 2 kiddos (okay okay, I didn't want to risk him losing the camera or dropping it!) Travis said that he would like to run it with me next year if we can get our parents to come with us and play with the kids while we run. So I think the pumpkin run will be a yearly Carr family tradition!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh so very grown up....

I love this picture b/c you can barely see travis smiling at her in the background mirror!!!
Well.... I have to admit, Julie is growing up so fast that I could cry! It has been so amazing to see her grow and change and we are really enjoying our conversations with her, she is so much fun! She is really starting to figure out that she really cares about what her friends think of her. Earlier this week I had her blue jeans laid out and her Ariel shirt and she says, "ummm I don't like blue jeans." I say, well, you always liked them before... why not today?" She says,"Neely(one of her friends at school) doesn't like them." So I told her, well I know you do like them, and your wearing them because this is what I have laid out and we are in a hurry!!! she says, "okay, okay mister bossy!" hmmmm.... then yesterday, I go to fix her hair, and she says, "mom, I really need a ponytail today!" (She NEVER wants her hair this way!) I say, "So how come you want to wear your hair in a pony tail today, does it get in your way at school?" She says, "No, Karlie(her other side-kick at school) likes to wear her hair in a ponytail." hmmmm So it already begins! aaaaah! so grown up! I will leave you with her latest funnies :0)

We were eating lasagna the other night (you know, spagetti with extra cheese....) and Julie says, "Well, it is NOT delicious, or adorable, but I guess I will eat it!" well alrighty then!!!

Logan is squirming while I change his diaper and gets a mess on the clean one. I say to Julie, "sweetie, can you run and get me a clean diaper for Logan?" she says "weeeeelll, not right now, but don't worry mom, when I grow up, I will help you change bubby's diaper allll the time!"

Julie walks into the kitchen and asks to help me cook. So I get the chair and she is helping me and she asks to stir the fried okra, and I say "well, you need to be a little older before you are around the stove." She says, "Mom, I am old."

Have a blessed week!

This is for you Cindy!!!!

These are 2 of my very dear friends Cindy and Bridget! They are the Sweetest people you would ever meet (of course they are sweet and wonderful, they are friends with ME!! heee heee) cindy you are now officially famous and have your picture on the world wide web! I love you girls!

"Arrrrrrr.... MATEY!!!!"

Can you see Logan's poor swollen fat lip :(
Sweet Julie loving her bubby
Cheeeeeeese!!! He looks bigger than her in this picture!!!
Sweet precious smile!!!!!

So on Friday of last week, I felt like the little kid in that book, The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Did you ever read this book as a kid?! It is about a kid who wakes up and the mom gave the last of his favorite cereal to his brothers, then they go to the shoe store, and his brothers get their favorite shoe and the store doesn't have the kids size in the shoe he wanted, so he had to get the ugly ones.... and so on and so forth, he just has "one of those days". you get the picture! That was my day on friday, but I have to admit, the kids were pretty good!
So I woke up feeling like junk, I knew I had bronchitis, (I wont gross you out and tell you what color the stuff I was coughing up was...-that is for you bridget, hee hee) I spilled milk all over the floor, stepped on a matchbox car and got a puncture wound on my foot (did not curse or scream though i felt like it... just cried silent, painful tears!) Logan then falls, busts his lip, and as I pick him up praying that his teeth are still intact (they were) he shoves his head in that space between my neck and shoulder where all my hair is and gets blood EVERYWHERE! Rats! now I have to wash my hair before my 2:30 doctors appt. But through all of this, Julie was my little ray of sunshine! She came up to me at while I was resting for one of my 10 second bouts before motherhoood would call yet again and said, "AAAARRRR Matey! Can I please be a pirate and play in the basket?!" It was a basket of clean clothes, so I was like, sure!!!! have at it! It bought me about 45 minutes of awesome rest, and of course I took pictures!!! She was so sweet to Logan and "helped" me take care of him, so sweet :0)