Monday, September 28, 2009

Another monkey at our zoo!

Some people have asked me what it was like to have 3 kids, and I say, "it is just another monkey at the zoo!" I feel like I have been going in fast forward mode for so long, that not much has changed! Ask me again when Isabel isn't sleeping quite as much, but I am sure we will be great :0)
I must say, I am totally smitten with all of my children. They are so precious to me. I am just loving the experience of such close contact with a wonderful creation of God. I look at my baby girl and thank the Lord for blessing us yet again with a tiny perfect angel. God is so good!

Isabel loves to sleep on her big brother, and he holds her for up to 30 minutes at a time and sometimes cries when we take her from him!

Julie has gotten sooo grown up lately- ;)

Santa came early for me this year!!!

My little toodle bug~ this was taken 2 days ago, she had her checkup today and is weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 oz! she is finally in her newborn size clothes!!!

my little sunshine :0)

Sweet brother and sisters

Trav catches me doing this a lot, I was thinking she would wake up any minute and need to eat, and dozed off! she smells so sweet after a bath!

Daddy with the newest princess

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More about Isabel

proud big sister

All 3 of my babies!!!

Isabel loves her swing

So I decided to breast feed Isabel, and boy has that sparked a lot of interest from Julie and Logan! here are some things they have asked in general about their sister.

Logan says, "mommy, what baby isabel doin?" I explained that she was eating. Logan says, "is she eating cheetos?" I laugh and say, "No, she is drinking milk." Logan says, "yummy chocolate milk?" I say no just regular milk. "yuck. I drink chocolate milk!"
Julie says, "MOM! Is she gonna poop like this forever and ever?!"
Julie says, "man mom, it is about time. I thought your tummy would never get small again!" I say, "me neither honey!!!"

We are in heaven with our newest addition, and are so thankful that Julie and Logan are being wonderful with her. They hug and kiss and pat her all the time! I will be posting about my birthing story later, when I have a minute to update!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Introducing...Isabel Faith Carr!

me at 37 weeks, the morning I went into labor

family photo- all 5 of us!!!!!

will write more later, enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fun at the zoo

A week or so ago, memphis was having some unbelievable weather for this time of year, so we headed to the zoo one sunday afternoon! Grammy and Pap joined us, and then we met Grandma and Grandpa for dinner at Abuelos. we had so much fun!

Pap and Logan~Logan adores my dad, and poor pappy ends up taking him and holding him the whole time they are around each other! Pappy loves it though :0)


attempt at a family photo! even though my eyes are closed and kids aren't looking!

Sister and Brother :0)

Daddy and Logan

The tigers were so active! We watched them for about 20 minutes!

Julie with both Grandma and Grammy

Logan fell asleep at the restaurant, he was so pooped!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the weather as well!