Friday, May 30, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To my first pair of running shoes.....

Okay, so since I (Lindy) am the author of this blog... I had to dedicate one post to my first running shoes.

When Logan turned 2 months old, I decided I needed to get back into shape (yes, I gained loooots of weight during that pregnancy). I also felt like I needed to do something for ME instead of being a portable milk jug for my baby, and a personal baby wipe for my 2 year old. Running sounded like a fun challenge.

But then it wasn't at first...

Because it was January and freezing outside, I ventured out to the gym. I tried running on the treadmill and about passed out after 3 minutes. I mean like my face was beet red, sweat pouring, gasping for breath, about to pass out. I felt discouraged. So I decided to research. Shoes seemed like the best place to start. I knew my shoes were old, and I needed some good quality ones. After researching in runner's world magazines and their awesome website, I figured out that I was an over-pronator, and needed lots of arch support. So I set out to get my first pair of REAL running shoes. the ASICS GEL KEYANO. I will never forget the trepidation I felt as I handed the guy behind the counter my debit card. $130 bucks was a lot to spend on a tight budget, and I left the store feeling dread about my new investment. My committment to being a runner became solid that day. After several months on the treadmill, I decided to try outside running, and loved it even better. (treadmills can only go so far....). Running became my time. No one else could go out and do it for me. I started praying and meditating during my runs. Usually after the first mile, I could feel the tension easing out of my body and slipping into the concrete. After a long courtship, I fell in love, and my shoes were there to capture every second!!!

When I look back at Logan's firs summer, I think about my running. These shoes and running pushed me through one of the most difficult seasons of my life. Dealing with depression, 2 very small children, a struggling marraige, weird symptoms leading to celiac, and adjusting to life as a full time mom was too much for me. God, family, my children and running got me through. These shoes were there with me on my 5:30 a.m. runs. They were there for my 8 p.m. runs after my children went to bed. They were helping me pound out my stress and frustrations. They helped pave the way to a healthier, more emotionally stable ME.

These shoes were there the first time I ran for one hour straight (without stopping). They felt my fear in my first 5K race(32:10), and my exhilaration in my second 5K race(31:15). When I went this past fall to get my new running shoes, the guy helping me scolded me for not getting a new pair sooner, they were really worn down!!! I smiled and said, "well, they have a lot of history." He smiled and nodded his understanding. I will never throw these shoes out, and they stay at the bottom of my closet in plain view. They serve as a reminder that i can push through just about anything and that hard work does pay off. I sort of feel like they should be dipped in bronze for all that they have been through! so here's to my shoes....

Our weekend getaway :0)

So trav and I finally went away for the weekend!!! We want to thank BOTH sets of our parents, without them we wouldn't have been able to do it. Grammy and Pap kept the kids all weekend, and Grandma and Grandpa paid for us to go! It was wonderful. Travis and I decided we should do a small weekend getaway once every year, especially after busy season. We talked a lot about our spiritual and emotional growth and the direction we want to go as a family. We set a few goals for our marraige and prayed for our family. It was a relaxing fun weekend that we both really needed! I love you trav, thanks for a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My little Artists

Now that it is warmer out, we have been playing outside a lot! Julie and Logan love to draw with side walk chalk, and they do really well because it fits into their hands (especially Logan's) just right! we also go for wagon rides, play at the park and blow bubbles :0) stay tuned for some water fun later in the summer!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

About Me

So I was tagged via Email from a friend at work!!! Here goes!

1. Two things that you despise that no one knows about you~
a) I hate drinking the milk at the bottom of the bowl after i finish my cereal! ugh, it grosses me out!
b) I cannot stand worms! ugh... they are so slimey and gross. It gives me a panick attack if i have to touch one! (my poor friend Laura had to bait my hook every time on a fishing trip in Colorado!)

2. Name something fun you want to do in your life:
a) well... I really love bright colors! I eventually want to decorate my whole house in hot pinks, lime green, lemon yellow, sunny orange.... and other bright bright colors with white trimmings/furniture. I am so not brave enougth to do it yet!! It will happen, someday!

3. Something that gives you joy, then something that gives you happiness~
sheesh! these are hard ones!
a) hmmm.. my kids loving eachother on a daily basis gives my soul so much joy!
b) Coffee, reading, manicures, massages, hanging out with friends makes me happy!

4. Biggest Fear in Life~
I have 2...
a) That I will not fulfill the purposes in life for the reasons that Christ put me on Earth
b) Losing the rest of my hearing, and not being able to hear my loved ones voices! (you all know how i looooove to talk!)

5. A secret talent you would like to posses~
a) I would love to grow all of my favorite vegetables in my own back yard! Hopefully when the kids get a little older, I can nurture my green thumb! :0)

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years~
I see myself as a calmer me. I see me loving my husband so much I might burst. I see me raising pre teens in a rough world and praying a lot for their spiritual survival. I see me working as a nurse and teaching people how to take better care of themselves!

7. Something that is consuming your thoughts lateley~
there are so many things that I think about..... I would have to say my health. I need to reign in my eating habits, and completely quit the gluten! (oh how i miss it!) and exercise a little more consistently. I need to keep my self healthy on a spiritual level the most. Prayer and fasting and reading the scripture to"arm myself in Christ Jesus!!!"
My grandfather's death. Did he do all that he wanted to do? Did he have any regrets? What would he say now that he has experienced death? (i know, this is late night thinking...)

Now! I tag... Morgan, Karla, Laura, and Kristen!