Friday, July 31, 2009

a new family pic - and some belly shots!

Thanks so much for doing these Bridget, you are the best!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a day in the life of this mom....

I wanted to blog about a day I had the other day mainly for journaling purposes. I must say, most days are not like this for me, but occasionally I have one.
It started at 6:45 with Logan up needing a diaper change. Diaper changed, "cartoons on peas?" Logan says. I turn on the TV, get the coffee pot started, fix the kids their OJ and julie wakes up. "I need a hug mommy, I hurt my chin getting out of bed." Hug given, I go back to the kitchen and both kids are asking for breakfast. 2 cups of OJ, and 2 toaster streudals later, the kids are finally quiet- for about a minute.
I enjoy a few sips of coffee...

Now on to empty the dishwasher. I get half way done and Logan falls and cries. After kisses, hugs and a band-aid for both kids (Julie suddenly needed one too...) I realize hey i need to throw some laundry in to wash. I get that started and think, wait, what was I doing? oh... emptying the dishwasher.

I head back to the kitchen where i pick up empty OJ cups and think, I need to check the kids rooms for any sippy cups. we give them water at night. the phone rings. it's my mom checking on us. The kids fight over a toy and they both go to time out while I am on the phone. I get off the phone to get them out of time out and the door bell rings. ugh, the pest control guy, and of corse, I am in my PJ's still. He says he needs in the back yard and the gate is locked. of corse it is! I get the kids out of time out and see my car keys under the edge of julie's bed, and ask her, "why do you have these?" she goes into a long explaination of "I wanted to drive to be like you mommy, but mommy who was at the door?" Oh, wait! the locked gate. I grab my keys, threaten to beat my children if they touch eachother while i run barefoot out back to unlock the gate- yes, still in my PJs.
I come back in to sweet children who have not touched eachother, and realize ugh, what is that smell? No wonder Julie didn't mess with him, he stinks!!! Diaper change time for Logan. I get him dressed while I am at it. The washing machine stopped so I gather the clothes from the dryer to fold and put the ones from the washer to the dryer. the phone rings. A good friend is calling so I chat a minute. Julie needs to potty and says she just HAS to have help with wiping. Julie is on outfit number 2 of the day at this point. I get off the phone to help with her and....the doorbell rings. ugh, the pest control guy to tell me he is done, "Ummm, thanks for letting me know!" I come back in from locking the gate and realize the dish washer is still not emptied and I forgot to start the dryer. I trip over leggos that Logan had played with earlier and pick those up so no one else about breaks their neck. We all 3 end up playing with the blocks for about 30 minutes before I put them away.

I see an empty drink cup in Logan's room and take it to put in the dishwasher that I just realized is still not empty. on the way to the kitchen I pick up some crayons that were on the floor and put those away in the art drawer. Julie walks in and says,"hey i wasn't done coloring yet!!!" I sigh and say okay, then you can get them out again later. and try, really really try, to empty the dishwasher.

Travis calls and needs the kids social security numbers for our insurance change... and I catch Logan jumping off of his hope chest in his room and tell trav I will have to call him back. Julie is on outfit number 5 of the day at this point and all the clothes are strewn all over her floor. I make her pick them up while she is yelling, "NO mommy! I was gonna do something with those!!!" I say, "I know it, you were going to fold all of those and put them all away!!!" Logan is out of time out, Julie's clothes are picked up and I call travis back with the numbers he needs.
Kids run in the kitchen shouting, "I am hungry!" I say "What how can you be hungry?!" I look up, sure enough it is almost lunchtime. and I have not even had breakfast yet!!! ugh i think. I give the kids a small snack. The phone rings. It is the wrong number. I start the dryer (finally) and grab another load of laundry to throw in the wash. all the while grabbing a few of Julie's treasures to put away in her room... while I am in there I tidy up her drawers from her earlier attempt..

okay time to to EMPTY THE DISHWASHER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! I finally get that done and fix lunch. While I am fixing lunch, another fight breaks out over a toy and some serious hitting occurs. Spankings for both kids and they both go to time out. I finish preparing lunch. Logan doesn't want to wash his hands, so I have to force him to and after feeding the kids, cleaning up the dishes, and finally hiding in the kitchen to eat my own lunch (hey i needed the peace and didn't feel like sharing!) it is almost nap time. Thankyou Lord I think!!! I can get some clothes folded! After changing Logan's diaper, helping Julie potty, book time, and snuggling, the kids are asleep. the phone rings as I am coming out of Julie's room. I step on a toy car as I am running to grab the phone before it disturbs the kids and mentally curse whoever thought of producing metal toy cars that can cut bare feet...

It is the shriner's asking for money. I politely say no, and wish them luck. I sit down. I need to pee again so I get back up. The doorbell rings. The True green lawn care dude is standing at the door. Yes I am still in my PJ's at 2:00 in the afternoon. He just wanted to let me know to make sure and water the grass sometime in the next few days. okay fine i got it, thanks. I am so tired but I fold the clothes, and realize i have not had a shower in 2 days. I take a shower and get dressed and the phone rings yet again! A wonderful friend I haven't talked to in awhile. I sit down to chat and after 15 minutes the kids wake up. Another fight over what DVD to watch and what color popsicle they each want. I threaten to send them back to their bed and they both stop.
After snacks I try to do another load of laundry and realize that the lunch dishes are still in the sink, oh and it is 4:20 at this point, about time to start dinner!!!! I get the kids to sort of help pick up the toys out of the living room so my poor yet understanding hubby won't break his neck while trying to get in the door from work. They don't help much so I get some of it done and then go to start dinner. Another fight breaks out between the kids. ugh. I have about had it with the 2 of them fighting, and I tell them.

Travis comes home, Thank goodness!!!!! Logan needs another diaper change, and Julie is on outfit number 7 at this point, I think. Julie asks to color at the table while dinner is cooking and I tell her only if she promises not to change clothes anymore. she agrees. Logan cries and wants me to build a train track for him. I almost burn dinner. Dinner is kind of saved and we battle with Julie to eat her meat. (we think she is on the path to being a vegetarian.) After dinner I clean up the kitchen, go to pick up the trains and blocks and realize i need to put the clothes that are wet in the washer into the dryer. I go to do that and then julie wants help into her PJs.I tell her we need to do baths and she protests trying to bargain about not washing her hair. I win. Her hair gets washed, and then I bathe Logan. Travis helps a ton and we finally after an hour long bed time routine get the kids to bed. It is 8:30 PM and I am exhausted yet I have not left my house!!! I look around and there is 2 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, toys all through the house, and I am frustrated. I feel like I have been picking up and cleaning and doing stuff all day with NOTHING to show for it. I am preggers so of corse I burst into tears at this point. Travis is wonderful and says, yes, but noone can take care of our kids the way you do! they are happy, healthy kids and you are doing a great job. I realize how blessed I am to have my sweet family and be able to stay at home and I feel better.
Whew! what a day. I finally get in bed around 10, and get a good night's sleep so I can do it ALL over again the next day!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

what we have been up to!

Trav is the best dad. About a month ago, we decided to do more of a joint bedtime where we do everything together so that when the new baby gets here it won't be a big deal to have just trav put them to bed at night if that is what needs to happen. Trav has made a habit of telling the kids, go get 2 books each and we will read them! Now they only want daddy to read to them on the couch at night. I had to do it the other night b/c trav wasn't home, and they both cried saying only daddy could read to them!!! (made me sad, but trav grinned when i told him! :0) It is a great time for me to fold a load of clothes or empty the dishwasher before they get to sleep!
We have had such a great summer! Now that both kids can occasionally skip a nap here and there, we have been really enjoying playing outside and going swimming. We have had lazy days where we stay in our pajamas and do laundry, and we have had lots of days of being on the go! I would say the sprinkler park, the swimming pool (my in laws community pool), and the mall are the biggest hits for the kids!
I will be posting more swimmy pics later! have a great week!