Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why I love having a 3 1/2 year old little girl!

Seriously, do i need to say anything in relation to this picture?! She is so much fun. there is never a dull moment in our house with this kid :0) If there was a picture in the dictionary for the word princess, her picture would surely be there.
So here are some reasons why I love this phase Julie is in. 1) She never lets me forget ANYTHING 2) She always tells me if I am driving to fast, or going down hills to fast, it makes her dizzy 3) She could spend hours looking at nail polish and lip gloss when we go to walgreens or walmart (how fun is that!!!) 4) She tells me on a regular basis that she looooves being a princess 5) If I can't find something there is a huge chance that she knows where it is, or has seen it! 6) She reports on a very regular basis exactly where her brother is and what exactly he is doing 7) She is the best at stalling, at bedtime she will say, mommy let's say our prayers aaaaallll over again, or can I tuck you in a little bit more?, or my favorite- I just need to hold you and hug you one more time 8) she always keeps me in stitches with her hilarious quotes. My favorite lately being when she had a mini melt down at TCBY, I asked her about it later and she says, "weeeelll.... sometimes kids just cry at the ice cream place, ya know?" 9) She sees beauty in the sweetest things. She loves sunsets and if you ask her why she will say, "because there is pink in the sky!" and who knew that sticks and rocks could make such a cool collection?! 10) She adores going shopping of any sort. - I have seriously raised her right!!! :0) grocery, clothes, shoes, whatever it is we need to get she is ready to go!
We love her so much and are so blessed to have the opportunity to show her God's love!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Logan~18 months!!!

My sweetie pie is 18 months old!!! Here are some of his stats: 27 Lbs (65th percentile), and 33.5 inches long (48th percentile). He is a strong, healthy sweet baby boy. He is a bit behind on speech, but that is b/c Juie and I take such good care of him. He is right on track with other developmental milestones. Some of the things we love about our little man: He is a lover! He loves to grab us and give huge hugs, he loves to play with my hair when he is sleepy, he loves to stop whatever he is doing and run up to us and pat us in a loving way and grin! He is very laid back usually and goes with the flow pretty well. He is actually stronger (physically) than Julie, and has proved this on many occasions. Some words that he can say (that usually only me or Julie can understand) are:


CAAAA= car

dell dell= yellow

eeew= blue






We are praying that he is a steadfast rock for our family and the family he will have one day (**sniff**) :0) We pray that he and Julie have a very close and loyal relationship. He has been a sick boy a lot in the last year, so I wonder if he is such a well behaved boy for being sick a lot, I couldn't imagine how good he is when he feels better! PS, yes he is definitely a "mommy's boy," and i loooove it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

So, Trav is the best Father in the world! But you don't have to take my word for it, just be here when he gets home from work and see the kids going CRAZY when he walks through the door! He (right along with me) cried like a baby when they were born :0) He did his duty with the diapers, and did more than his share of walking fussy sick infants at 3 am. He reads to them, plays with them, and prays for them! One thing I love about him is how he makes the littlest things fun, like cleaning up their rooms or brushing their teeth. He can get Julie to try any new food at dinner by being persistent and patient. He loves us with all his heart, and we love him! Happy Father's Day Trav! (and yes, here is your written proof that you get to sleep in on Father's Day!)