Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big News!!!!

in case you are illiterate in pregnancy tests.... it's POSITIVE!!!!

We are expecting another sweet little baby! We weren't planning/trying, and it was quite a shock, but babies are blessings from God and we are thrilled! Baby 3 should be here around the end of September if I got my math right :0) I go to the doctor in february, and will keep you updated through our journey!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I heart Salads....

So I absolutely love salads, so I thought I would post why. Besides being gluten-free, a salad is a quick and easy meal for me that packs an awesome nutrional punch in my day. You can add vitamins A and C, folate, zinc, and iron among other things!!!There are so many possible variations, you really can't go wrong! I used to use Iceberg lettuce, but since it has almost ZERO nutritional value, I have slowly switched to the darker, leafier version over the years. A couple of months ago, I served trav a salad for dinner and he looked up at me with raised eyebrows and said, "honey, if you wanted leaves that looked like this, let's save money and I'll grab you some from the back yard!" hee hee, silly boy :0)
I actually love the bitter red leaf, radiccio, boston red leaf, and the dark green romaine variations. I always try to add a ton of good ole' veggies (and or grilled chicken/shrimp) in any sort of combo depending on what I have on hand. Some of my favorite examples include: carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, avacado, cucumbers, red/orange/yellow bell peppers, broccoli/bean sprouts and spinach. Sometimes i will go really crazy and add fruit, like blueberries, strawberries or mandarin oranges. If you use fruits, I like the sweeter dressings such as Brianna's poppy seed. DELISH!!!
If you are trying to count calories, I would stay away from things like cheese, ham, boiled eggs (or just the yoke, the white part is okay), croutons, or bacon bits. these ingredients not only add a ton of calories (especially if combined) but you are more likely to get msg's or preservatives, things we can all do without!
If you want a lower calorie option, go for some lighter dressings... BUT I must warn you, often lighter versions may have more sugar/salt or preservatives. Also, there has been some recent research that states "light" foods may leave you hungry for more, and make you more likely to binge on something else later! (go figure) I suggest choosing regular dressings in moderation. The fewer ingredients, the better. I use Marzetti's Ranch dressing, and when I eat a good salad with this on it, I can go all afternoon without feeling hungry!
Happy Salad eating!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our new president

First of all, I am NOT a very political person. In fact, I will openly admit, that this is the first year that I have ever voted. I have always heard growing up that democrats give everything away!!! But I decided to hear out both sides. I listened this year to a lot of the campaigns/claims/ads, and made my choice. I voted for McCain. I felt he had more experience, and wouldn't tax me to death :0)

After watching some of the inaugeration, and most of the commentators in the "post-inaugeration" where they analyze everything from what our president's wife was wearing to the tone of voice our president used, I had some mixed emotions.
I think, that Barack Obama is a very educated man, and I think he has read about all of the things that McCain has experienced. It makes me nervous to think about Obama's lack of experience, but then I am grateful for our country's checks and balances system.

I was very glad to see that some of the emails i received weren't true, such as yes Obama DID put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegience and the national anthem. He even sang along and knew all of the words....

I also feel that our president being african-american was completely blown out of proportion. He is half white you know... I think it is important to recognize this as a part of history, but leave it at that. The irish catholic americans didn't claim "their huge minorty victory" card when JFK was elected. Yes, he was our first catholic president, and irish to boot. It seems that suddenly african americans are exclaiming, "finally, we really are free!" Ummm.... okay. The same rules and laws still apply.
I loved how Obama (who is a democrat no less) inspired americans of every race, religion, and orientation to get back to the values that this country was founded on- (back to God hopefully?!) and that the american dream is available for everyone, but you have to work for it, and "unclench your fist to accept it."
Obama is saying that it is time to get back to work, we will make it better, but you have to do your end of the bargain by working hard and loving your neighbors.
Obama has a lot of cleaning up to do, and has his work cut out for him. I urge you, and challenge you to support and pray that this man can lead our country and get us back on track not as a black man, but as an AMERICAN man.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My little physician...

Julie is very interested in medical stuff right now, and loves to play doctor. Here is what she said today:

"okay mom, sometimes doctors use their telescopers (stethescopes) to feel your froat (throat) and make it all better!"

"mom, this is great! I am hearing babooms in your leg, you are one healthy girl, missy-prissy!!!"

NEVER a dull moment with this kid :0)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A pet peeve...

I have been running outside more often this winter due to 60 degree temperatures, it has been great exept for a few complications. What drives me nuts is when people honk at me and/or yell out their windows!!! A friend of mine said some teenagers even threw an empty water bottle at her!! my goodness. Please please please do not honk when you see someone jogging! If you feel compelled to do anything, a polite wave out the window or a thumbs up will suffice! Not only is being honked at annoying, but it scares the livin' daylights out of me!-pardon my southern expression :0)
I wonder how rude honkers would feel if i came to their house while they were doing their favorite hobby or pastime and honked at them... hmmmm.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

christmas day

Logan in his powerwheels bus!

Our traditionsal Christmas tree made out of cinnamon rolls

Daddy and Logan checking out the new toys from santa

Julie hugging her baby doll

Julie's Princess Bike!!!!

We had a fabulous christmas day! It was so incredible to see the magic on the kids faces as they saw what santa brought them! Travis and I both said that this was the best christmas ever because of the kids reactions to everything. We went out to my grandparents and spent the afternoon eating and playing outside. Hope you all had a very merry christmas!