Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wonderful Wednesdays...

Gimme Kiss Logan!!!!


Cheese mom! :0)

Please note: Rare photo opportunity!!!! The kids were being so sweet with eachother and I grabbed my camera and they were still being sweet even while I was trying to get their picture! I used to advise people not to have their kids as close in age as mine are (about 22 months) because that first year is so hard! But now, I absolutely love that they have eachother. They are playing better and Logan is learning a lot from his SEESEE. (it went from zeezee to seeesee) They warm my heart when they are being sweet to each other. I have to say my favorite thing lately is them holding hands in their carseats! Here is Julie's latest funny:
Yesterday, as I was getting her dressed, I told her we were going christmas shopping for Grammy and Pap. (my mom and dad) Her eyes lit up and she was ready! As we pull up to Bass Pro Shop, Julie says, "mom, this is NOT the Christmas store. It is over by the mall. Why are we going this way?" I explained that we were getting a present for under the tree, and it didn't have to be an all out christmas store to get actual presents for under the christmas tree. She then says, "oh man, I wanted to go to hobby lobby!!!"

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Birthday

I had my birthday last week (the big 28!), and even though i was sick on the actual day, it was still wonderful because I have the most amazing hubby, parents and friends ever! So here are 28 random things that you may not know about me.

1. I was born November 13th at 10:07 a.m. to Rick and Pam Logan
2. I have been told my whole life that I am a child of God- thanks mom :0)
3. I will always be daddy's little girl and mommy's little angel
4. I have negative associations with elementary school- it was such an awkward time in my life!!!
5. I have allergies-like I am allergic to EVERYTHING! haa haa!
6. I have asthma
7. I have had a near death experience
8. I am hearing impaired, completely deaf in my left ear, and I wear a hearing aid in my right ear- (this is another post for another day :0)
9. I was a cheerleader in high school
10.I was a tumbler on my cheerleading squad
11. I cannot dance well-hence why I was always in the back or tumbling during the dance routines in cheerleading! Haaa haa!
12. I wear glasses/contacts
13. I love to sleep in long johns
14. I actually enjoy duck hunting with my daddy
15. as a child, I went to church with Justin Timberlake- he was the nerdy kid that ate the play dough, and no i didn't really like him then!!!
16. I require at LEAST nine hours of sleep to function, and prefer to get 10 hours
17. I have high cholesterol- 230 last time it was checked! (yes i keep an eye on it)
18. I am a Registered Nurse with a Bachelors degree-worked darn hard for it!!!
19. I only do Pediatric nursing
20. I love running with a passion
21. I love to shop, but seriously what girl doesn't?!
22. I am an AVID reader, I have read a 400 page book in one night!
23. I am very afraid of spiders
24. I am only child-and yes I love being an only child, my parents are my best friends!!!
25. I dye my hair brown.
26. I do NOT do the finances at our house. I would rather not know...
27. I have the most amazing children and consider them the most awesome blessing I have ever received from God!!!
28. I have an amazing husband that continues to bless me in our marriage- he keeps me grounded, loves me with all his heart, tells me so often, is my main support in all I do! AND I love him with all of my heart!

The Wedding

Mommy and Julie in our pretty dresses!

The Princess getting a lot of attention

Logan (my sweet baby boy)

Julie and Grandma Bonnie

Julie and I had the honor of being in Justin (my cousin) and Kristen's wedding! They are the sweetest couple and we wish them the best, we love you!
So here are the pics as requested!!! The wedding was beautiful, and after lots of bribing and coaxing, Julie walked down the aisle!!! She was such a beautiful flower girl, and I was so proud of her for being a big girl and walking down that aisle by herself even when she wasn't feeling good! (she was sick with the stomach bug 2 days earlier) Julie had a BLAST dancing at the reception and thoroughly enjoyed the wedding cake :0)

Monday, November 10, 2008

He's 2!!!

Eating his birthday cupcake

Mommy and Julie at lunch

Look mom, I put my trains together!

Sweet Julie telling Logan happy birthday!

This is Logan's cheese face!

Logan turned 2 on Saturday! We had his Lightening McQueen birthday party at our house on sunday because Julie and I were in a wedding on saturday! The pictures are from our day sunday. He got so many wonderful new toys and presents, He loves his Harold the Helicopter(from Thomas the Train) the pack of matchbox cars, his tonka airplanes, and his caterpiller dumptruck the best(it the loudest-hee hee)
I must admit that I am in shock that 2 years has flown by so quickly! We have had so much fun getting to know his sweet personality. I cannot begin to express how much I love this little boy! He is growing up so fast!(***Sniff***) He has filled all of our lives with such joy with his sweet grins and soft pats and hugs. He is the most affectionate child ever, and we are so thankful for his sweet spirit. We love you Logan!