Monday, November 15, 2010

UGH.... such a slacker!!!

What can i say?! I feel terrible about not updating in soooo long! so much has happened since I last updated! Julie is doing fabulous in Kindergarten, Logan had a rough start to preschool and is doing much better now, we adopted 2 cats (outdoor b/c of my allergies of corse!), Isabel started walking, she turned one, Logan had his 4th birthday, I turned 30, and Julie earned the nickname "the wall" on her soccer team for being a fantastic goalie!!!! WHEW!!! Life with 3 kids is wonderful and it keeps me insanely busy! (and it only gets worse i hear!!!!) so.... here are a few pics to catch you up quickly and hopefully I will be better about updating!

Isabel's Birthday ~ 1st bottle of the day!!! Isabel, we love you so much and are so glad about God's wonderul plan to include you in our family, you complete us!

We celebrated her party a few days before on labor day.

attempt at a family picture

Yes, we have 2 cats now. My sweet sister in law Lauren talked us into one of the best decisions we have ever made, we LOVE these cats! Boo is the black one, and Tinkerbell is the grayish one, they are sitting in the appropriate chairs before isabel's party!

Izzie showin the love to her big Bubby!

Julie played soccer this fall, and she loved it. We had a great time going out and supporting her! Here is one of her sweet friends, Ella.

Here is Julie earning her nickname, Julie "the wall" Carr. who knew the Carr family would produce such greatness at soccer!!!

Julie playing dress up, notice the pink shin gaurds.... her uncle austin would be proud!!!

Logan with some of his friends at his halloween parade! He was Mario this year, and he is quite the gamer on the nintendo! Logan had a rough start to preschool this year, and he has worked hard to get his behavior much better and we are so proud of him! He had a really hard time with big sister going to kindergarten this fall, but he has finally adjusted :0) He has grown so much and we love to have conversations with him, he is hilarious! My favorite thing though is that he still twirls his hair like when he was little baby :0) He will always be mommy's sweet boy!

Isabel was a bumble bee for school, and a pumpkin for halloween. She had two costumes this year! Julie ended up wearing a costume on 3 different occasions, and was belle for zoo boo, sleeping beauty for church trunk n treat, and minnie mouse on actual halloween!!! thank goodness for the dress up box!!! :0)

Zoo Boo with the homegroup! It was so fun!

My sweet little angels! they were so cute!

Me Jenn and Bridget did race for the cure!!! We froze our hineys off!!!

some pics of Isabel on her actual 1 year birthday. Out of about 42 pictures, only 4 turned out okay! She was being a stinker, but I had a lot of fun!!!