Friday, October 30, 2009

Lots of Fall Festivities!

WARNING: Picture overload!!!
Being a mommy of 3 has been fun, fulfilling, and exhausting! I have been very busy and have not updated in a month! here are lots of pictures about what we have been up to.

Julie's wonderful teachers Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Karen of the Froggy Fours

The kids have a Halloween parade every year at school, and then they have their little class party afterwards. Here is Julie... er...Ariel!!!

Grammy and Pappy came to watch the parade and join in the class parties! Julie and Logan are so thankful to have 2 sets of grandparents living so close to them (Bonnie was at work)
Grammy and Logan -- Logan had already changed out of his thomas costume in this pic, they are kind of out of order, but for time sake, we will just go with it!

Pappy and Logan

Sweet Ariel :0)

Eating her goodies at the party

Logan in his costume doing their halloween program. Last year he cried his eyes out when he saw me, this year he blew me kisses and waved! what a difference a year makes!

My BFF and I went to an awesome pumpkin patch down in Hernando, MS and spent the day with the kids! There was face painting, pony rides, hay rides, a petting zoo, corn maze, play grounds and a pumpkin patch. Isabel stayed home with Grammy and daddy was out of town, so i was able to spend some really good quality time with Julie, Logan, Bridget, and her boys!
Here is Nathan and Logan, they are such good buddies, and I see a lifelong friendship coming on with these two!!! Nathan was being a bit camera shy :0)

Julie picked a butterfly for her face painting. She kept asking every few minutes, "mom, do i still look like a beautiful butterfly?"

Kids on the pirate ship

On the hayride

One saturday morning, we were playing in Logan's room, and I put isabel in his bed so I could play. Well... both kids thought it was hilarious and fun to see their baby sister in a big bed, so they wanted to climb in and cuddle! I got tons of cute pictures of them together, and notice Julie and Logan representing: GO GATORS!

Tinkerbell and Thomas trying out thier costumes, Juie ended up changing her mind and wanting to be Ariel instead.

My sweet little boy is getting so big! He LOVES thomas and friends!

Happy Halloween! :0)