Tuesday, June 30, 2009

27 weeks pregnant

Me at 27 weeks

I am finally feeling really great after 18 weeks of nausea/vomiting, and getting on prilosec for heartburn! I have lots of energy right now so I feel like I am in "rushing mode" to get everything done in the next few weeks before I become miserable!!!! :0)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

why I love this guy

This is my dad and me. I know I am a few days late posting about father's day, but better late than never, right?!

If I could sum up in one word what a I feel about my dad it would probably be Security. As a child growing up, I don't think I could have thought of that particular word, but the feeling was there. My dad was always there. During hospital stays, holidays, birthdays, you name it! Every T-ball game, volleyball, basketball, softball, and cheerleading event, my mom and dad could be found cheering me on in the stands. I remember taking piano lessons with my dad- He was the only adult in the recital, but he did it with me!

I also remember my dad trying to convey how important character and values were. Not just by talking to me about them, but by making examples by his own actions. He supported me academically, helped me with my algebra, and many science projects, encouraged my spiritual growth, and saw me off to college. He made sure I always had everything I need!

My favorite memories of my dad occured in college believe it or not. When Email was starting to be the most popular way to correspond, my dad and I communicated with letters through snail mail. I would check my campus mail box and would be so excited to see a letter addressed to me with his handwriting! He would draw funny pictures and games in his letters and tell me how much he missed me and how proud he was of me. His letters motivated me to get through those rough classes at college!

There were lots of times I knew that Dad would do anything for me, but what sticks out in my mind most is something that happened my freshman year at college. It had snowed several feet one thursday, and classes were canceled for friday. I had just broken up with boyfriend, and failed a chemistry test and was very very homesick. I remember crying on the phone with my mom and saying I just wanted to come home for the weekend, but couldn't because of the weather. 5 hours later, I got a call from my dad, he was in the lobby of my dorm ready to pick me up and take me home for the weekend!!!
That is how my dad is. He would do anything for me, and I know he will always do that for me. Even trav says sometimes when something happens at our house like the air goes out, or a squirel falls down our chimney, let's call your dad, he will know what to do!!!

Dad I love you so much and hope you had a great father's day!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Disney in a day

We were able to go to Disney for a day! We traveled down to florida for Travis' 10 year reunion, and we took advantage of flying into orlando :0) I have never been to Disney World, and was so excited about getting to go! Because we only went for a day, and we have small kids we went to Magic Kingdom, it was great!
I must say, never having been there, I was totally amazed at the attention to detail from the light fixtures to the paths through the park. Even the ride It's a small world amazed me with all the water (and no mildew) and the details on the little dolls outfits and shoes! WOW!!! I also kept wondering, man how do they dust these things?!- you know you're a mom when you think that while riding through the rides!

Before leaving the hotel

Riding on the ferry boat to get to the entrance

Our first glimpse of Cinderella's Castle

Watching a show with all of the characters

Grandpa and Logan

Julie actually was not a very big fan of Disney World... crazy i know. My poor child is bawling in the middle of the "happiest place on Earth" and saying she wants to go home. She was very afraid of the rides because they were too dark and scary! She also said there were way too many people there! After calming her down and letting her go by and see some of the character greetings and getting some ice cream she was much better! Guess theme parks aren't her thing, at least not yet!!! :0)
Julie and the nice lady that sang to her!

Daddy and Julie watching a parade

I must say, Logan LOVED it. He rode the rides and asked to do it again! He wasn't scared and seemed to be content with whatever we were doing at the time. He was tired by the end of the day, but was quite a trooper!

They really conked out at bedtime!

Overall, the trip was a great success!