Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A love/hate relationship....

With Running.

I know I have posted a ton lately, so don't get used to it! :0) I wanted to record some thoughts about my favorite past-time for journaling purposes.

So I have started back up again with running. I started when Isabel was about 5 weeks old, and have been chipping away at it since then. I wish sometimes that runner's world magazing would do a feature on that first "post-partum" run. Hmmmm.... maybe I should send one in!!! LOL Just kidding!
I remember when i first started running after I had Logan, I ran for 3 minutes, and was beet faced and gasping for air. I mentally prepared myself for a repeat of that performance 5 weeks after my sweet baby girl was born. I told Travis I was heading for the treadmill, and he says to me, "Are you gonna come home crying?" I said "well, I might!" Travis knows me well and knows how much I don't like being out of shape. He reminded me that I should take it easy and to remember to start slowly so I wouldn't injure myself.
I went and did pretty good for me. I remember thinking 3 minutes in to it, jogging at a 12 min per mile pace, "why do I do this again?!" I actually hated it at that point. and did for quite a few runs after that. That is because I knew I was 20 pounds heavier than usual, my knees wouldn't like that one bit, and my feet were going to have to get "broken in" again. I know the pushing and straining it is going to take to get it all back- to be able to run for 30 minutes effortlessly. I am doing a walk/run program so my shins can adjust. My shins hate it when I add to much mileage to soon and usually punish me with shin splints if I don't take it easy at first.
I would say after about 7 weeks of glorified jogging, I am running about 80% and walking 20% of my distance/time. I am not running at a very fast pace, but I am adding some mileage, and that is my goal for now. ENDURANCE. Speed will come later. I come home with endless amounts of energy, and feel like all of my stress stays out on the pavement where I left it. Let's face it, as a mom of 3, my stress sometimes comes in tidal waves! But now that I am in better shape, my runs are more good than bad, and I love it most of the time. I reconnect with God, listen to some new music other than baby einstein or dora, or I just take time for me. It is what keeps me healthy during flu season, and keeps me sane so I can be a good wife and mommy. So when I have a difficult run, or my legs feel like lead weights, I remember all the good things I love about running... and push on.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I did it!!!

I cut Julie's hair. I know, completely crazy. We had a tiny incident with gum, that was in the very ends of her hair, and I thought, no biggie, we will just snip a half inch to an inch and we will be done. I prepped her, got it wet and turned her around. she was looking up while I was cutting and i didn't realize it, so it ended up being shorter than I wanted it to be. After Julie looked in the mirror, she wanted it even shorter. She has been asking me for a long time now to please cut her hair. So... I did.
The rough part? I was kind of hoping with all the weight out of it, the curls would bounce right up and be more curly, but.... they just dissapeared :(

Here is a before picture, we had been braiding her hair after we washed it so it would be really wavy. Notice we are sporting our gator gear! (this was pre Alabama game)
Daddy's Two little Gators

notice the wavy hair on Julie!

Drum roll please........

and here it is! Much shorter for her and much healthier looking in my opinion. Okay lets face it, I really miss her baby curls, but she is a big girl now! *Sniff*

My sweet grown up girl!

I asked her how she felt about it and she said, "mom, I totally love it!"
So there you have it, she is now a pre teen. :0)

It's a hard knock life...

Whomever said that my third would be the best baby ever and be so laid back was totally right! It has been 3 months since this little angel came to us and we can't believe how sweet she is. She is so smiley and loves people. She nurses like a champ (weighing in at 11 pounds!) and sleeps through the night most of the time!!! (don't worry, I am knocking on some wood right now! LOL) She is usually up between 5 or 6 in the morning to eat, and usually i put her in bed with me after that feeding and we doze untill Julie and Logan wake up. It is such a sweet time for her and me, and Travis got a picture of us!

More to come later on her 3month check up stats and what julie and logan have been up to :0)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The big 29

My birthday was a few days ago, and it was so awesome! We made it a whole weekend event!
Thursday night just Travis and I went to Joe's Crab shack. We had so much fun and talked a lot about how much we appreciated eachother and how much fun we are going to have with our 3 kids. Travis is such a blessing in my life, and is such a wonderful father.
Here is us before going out

Little did I know, there was a huge surprise in store for me! I suspected something was up because my mom and travis were whispering to eachother every chance they could, and they kept making me think we were just gonna hang out with family on my birthday like it was no big deal. I was getting ready to go out with the family when the doorbell rang and Travis yelled at me to get it! I was on the phone with one of my very best friends who lives in texas-Laura Staples-and was very annoyed that I had to get off the phone to answer the door, and IT WAS LAURA STANDING THERE!!!! I was sooo excited! She ended up spending the weekend with us and I was so thankful we got to see eachother. Thankyou Laura for making my birthday so special! Here are some pics of each night she was here.

Last year I listed 28 things about myself that many of you may not have known, so this year I am going to list 29 things I am thankful for!
1. Jesus
2. Bible
3. Travis
4. Julie, Logan, and Isabel
5. My extended family! I love you ALL so much!
6. Bridget Sussey
7. All of my amazing friends
8. My health
9. My running shoes
10. House
11. My Mini-Van!!!
12. Cozy Warm bed
13. Clothes
14. Hearing aid
15. Church Family
16. Life group friends
17. Prayers from my 4 year old
18. A sense of humor
19. Glasses and Contacts
20. disposable Diapers-hey I have 2 kids in them!
21. Thompson Dunavant
22. Raleigh Group
23. Sycamore View Church of Christ Preschool and mother's day out
24. My camera
25. Central Heating and Air Conditioning
26. Running Water-hot or cold
27. telephone and cell phone
28. Internet
29. The opportunity to be a servant of Christ

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays...

Guess who turned 2 months old, and is cooing and smiling at us now!

My 3 little stinkers piled up in my bed!

Monday, November 9, 2009

what a weekend!

Logan turned 3!!! I can't believe my little boy is 3 years old! He is the most precious, affectionate, sweet, happy boy. He loves all things that have wheels and is most interested in learning how things work. An engineer in the making?! Perhaps... He was a bit spoiled this year for his birthday. He got a train table, a Lightening McQueen Bike and Helmet, a t.v. and some trains. We didn't have a big party, we just had the g'parents over for cheese pizza and some cake with chocolate frosting per the birthday boy's request! I still can't believe he is 3 years old.

2weeks old- he was such an alert baby!

first birthday :0)

14 months old-look at those pudgy cheeks!!!

2nd birthday

Momma's sweet little boy. He has always been a momma's boy! How can I resist those big blue eyes? :0)

His AWESOME train table, it takes up most of his room, but totally worth it!

Typical "Logan" cheese face

His new Bike, getting some help from Pappy

safety first!

Logan, mommy and daddy love you more than words can express, you are such a joy to our lives! We can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for your life. Happy Birthday!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lots of Fall Festivities!

WARNING: Picture overload!!!
Being a mommy of 3 has been fun, fulfilling, and exhausting! I have been very busy and have not updated in a month! here are lots of pictures about what we have been up to.

Julie's wonderful teachers Mrs. Stephanie and Mrs. Karen of the Froggy Fours

The kids have a Halloween parade every year at school, and then they have their little class party afterwards. Here is Julie... er...Ariel!!!

Grammy and Pappy came to watch the parade and join in the class parties! Julie and Logan are so thankful to have 2 sets of grandparents living so close to them (Bonnie was at work)
Grammy and Logan -- Logan had already changed out of his thomas costume in this pic, they are kind of out of order, but for time sake, we will just go with it!

Pappy and Logan

Sweet Ariel :0)

Eating her goodies at the party

Logan in his costume doing their halloween program. Last year he cried his eyes out when he saw me, this year he blew me kisses and waved! what a difference a year makes!

My BFF and I went to an awesome pumpkin patch down in Hernando, MS and spent the day with the kids! There was face painting, pony rides, hay rides, a petting zoo, corn maze, play grounds and a pumpkin patch. Isabel stayed home with Grammy and daddy was out of town, so i was able to spend some really good quality time with Julie, Logan, Bridget, and her boys!
Here is Nathan and Logan, they are such good buddies, and I see a lifelong friendship coming on with these two!!! Nathan was being a bit camera shy :0)

Julie picked a butterfly for her face painting. She kept asking every few minutes, "mom, do i still look like a beautiful butterfly?"

Kids on the pirate ship

On the hayride

One saturday morning, we were playing in Logan's room, and I put isabel in his bed so I could play. Well... both kids thought it was hilarious and fun to see their baby sister in a big bed, so they wanted to climb in and cuddle! I got tons of cute pictures of them together, and notice Julie and Logan representing: GO GATORS!

Tinkerbell and Thomas trying out thier costumes, Juie ended up changing her mind and wanting to be Ariel instead.

My sweet little boy is getting so big! He LOVES thomas and friends!

Happy Halloween! :0)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Another monkey at our zoo!

Some people have asked me what it was like to have 3 kids, and I say, "it is just another monkey at the zoo!" I feel like I have been going in fast forward mode for so long, that not much has changed! Ask me again when Isabel isn't sleeping quite as much, but I am sure we will be great :0)
I must say, I am totally smitten with all of my children. They are so precious to me. I am just loving the experience of such close contact with a wonderful creation of God. I look at my baby girl and thank the Lord for blessing us yet again with a tiny perfect angel. God is so good!

Isabel loves to sleep on her big brother, and he holds her for up to 30 minutes at a time and sometimes cries when we take her from him!

Julie has gotten sooo grown up lately- ;)

Santa came early for me this year!!!

My little toodle bug~ this was taken 2 days ago, she had her checkup today and is weighing in at 6 lbs. 12 oz! she is finally in her newborn size clothes!!!

my little sunshine :0)

Sweet brother and sisters

Trav catches me doing this a lot, I was thinking she would wake up any minute and need to eat, and dozed off! she smells so sweet after a bath!

Daddy with the newest princess

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More about Isabel

proud big sister

All 3 of my babies!!!

Isabel loves her swing

So I decided to breast feed Isabel, and boy has that sparked a lot of interest from Julie and Logan! here are some things they have asked in general about their sister.

Logan says, "mommy, what baby isabel doin?" I explained that she was eating. Logan says, "is she eating cheetos?" I laugh and say, "No, she is drinking milk." Logan says, "yummy chocolate milk?" I say no just regular milk. "yuck. I drink chocolate milk!"
Julie says, "MOM! Is she gonna poop like this forever and ever?!"
Julie says, "man mom, it is about time. I thought your tummy would never get small again!" I say, "me neither honey!!!"

We are in heaven with our newest addition, and are so thankful that Julie and Logan are being wonderful with her. They hug and kiss and pat her all the time! I will be posting about my birthing story later, when I have a minute to update!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Introducing...Isabel Faith Carr!

me at 37 weeks, the morning I went into labor

family photo- all 5 of us!!!!!

will write more later, enjoy the pics!