Tuesday, August 17, 2010

some summer fun and a little gamer :0)

Julie started Kindergarten today! I am going to do a whole separate post tonight or tomorrow and post more pics and write my thoughts about it! so stay tuned for that! Doesn't she look so cute in her uniform for good ole' Harding Academy?! She was giggling in this pic :0)

Logan LOVES Mario Kart and Mario party, and we have a little gamer on our hands as well. Isabel loves to "bother" her big brother when he gets to play, so we have to give her a controller to play with too! we just don't plug it in

She thinks she is really getting away with something!

One day when it was 120 heat index, we went out at 6:30 one night to play in the water, it was still smokin' outside, as you can tell because my lens kept fogging up!!!! Isabel is a wagon girl, she loves it!

Travis and I have gone on a lot of dates lately because he has been out of town a lot recently! We decided one night to go out and go to Incredible Pizza Company! We had a coupon and so it didn't cost us a fortune. We stayed for 3 hours and had a blast! thanks to Sam and Bonnie for babysitting that night!

Us Before going out

sometimes a girl just needs a nap on her mommy :0) PS, julie took this picture!

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Nice purse Trav!! he he.